maandag 22 augustus 2011

Bike Ride

Today I took my bike out for a bike ride, together with my hubby. The sun was shining, and I was inspired! It amazes me what a little bit of sunshine does for good spirits. The gloomy weather has kept me in a funk for sure.

This area is filled with so called Rustpunten, or Restingplaces, where you can park your bike, have a cup of coffee or tea and admire someones garden. We stopped at Theetuin "ons joppe". This particular Rustpunt also had a tiny little store, not much more than a shed actually, which sold all kinds of odds and ends. And the garden was simply gorgeous. My pictures of it have disappeared, much to my dismay. But we did take home some plants.

After wandering around the garden we biked on to a new project that a friend of ours is working on. A vineyard, no less!! Landgoed Morren (Took a picture of that little castle as well, and it too disappeared)
Ended up our trip with a cup of coffee accompanied by the men at the next table loudly gossiping about everyone that they knew in the neighborhood. Oh, the village life......

32 kilometers later, we came home. It was a good day!

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