zondag 21 augustus 2011

What I'm reading

So I'm reading a ton of books right now, and most of them are somewhat intelligent.

Bedoeld Leven, otherwise known as Living a purposeful life: Written especially for women. Hoping to gain some insight out of this. As a life-long struggle seems to be a lack of purpose.

Disappointment with God: Because I am and maybe this will help me deal with it. My dad is a huge Philip Yancey fan. He bought this one when in India on one of his trips to give as gifts here in Holland. I claimed this one for myself.

De Bevrijder, otherwise known as The Bondage Breaker: Herman and I will be doing some counseling type things in the coming weeks, based on this book. Good look into the spiritual world and how I, as a Christian, can deal with it.

The Brain that Changes Itself: Another one of my Dad's. Fascinating look into the plasticity of the human brain through readable case studies.

Walking from East to West: A biography about someone I should know but don't. Glimpse into life in India and his conversion to christianity.

The Mind's Eye: Love me some Oliver Sacks! He always manages to make medical issues come to life. Another one of my Dads favorite authors.

Made to Crave: This one is getting a lot of my attention. The subtitle is satisfying your deepest desire with God, not food. I've read the book, am reading the guidebook, and am watching the video. Here's a one liner from her "If I feel lonely, unhappy and sad in my bigger pair of jeans, I can still feel lonely, unhappy and sad in my smaller pair of jeans".
Today I figured out one of my triggers, why I give in to my food cravings. It's the damaging thought "het maakt toch niets uit" or "it won't make a difference anyway". Which bring me back to the whole disappointed in God thing.

What are you reading, and why?

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  1. Pain, the gift nodbody wants, Paul Brand. why because I really don't want any more pain, I understand it's use, but could do without at the moment.


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