maandag 11 april 2011

Living a purposeful life

While at a friends house, getting ready to fix sandwiches for the hardworking men who were cleaning out another friends garden, I found this book.
It grabbed my attention. It should because this is a recurring theme. What's my purpose in life?  And more than that, what is Gods purpose for my life?
I have a bad habit of going in to hiding, or fleeing into doing things instead of facing that question. Part of me fears that I will learn that my purpose in life is to do boring mundane things without acclamation. So I have been very busy finding things to do that give me a fleeting sense of purpose and temporary acclamation. And it's become very tiring. Very very tiring.
Somewhere along the way I have lost touch with God, and lost touch with things that give enduring purpose, real meaning.
So I'm reading this book, trying to take another step on the road to becoming more of a human being, instead of a human doing.

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