zondag 13 maart 2011

The bright side

In three weeks we'll be celebrating our 19 year wedding anniversary. Which means that I've been with my husband longer than I've been without him. Having met at the tender age of 18.
We have developed a habit of going away for a weekend around our anniversary date. Last year we stretched our boundaries and went to Praag with good friends. This year we are again going away for a weekend with friends, other friends, and the city of choice is Berlin. I'm looking forward to it all. The drive, the different scenery. Being in a big city, being with friends.
This weekend will also commemorate my husbands last week of work at his job. We'll make an occasion of it, even though he doesn't have a new job yet. Trusting that the future will bring what we need, and happy with the fact that we can chose to afford to go away for a weekend and enjoy the time we'll have together.

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