zaterdag 12 maart 2011

Room for a view

Yesterday I was talking to my sister about what really brings a perma-grin to my face. On my last day in India I went to a castle on top of a hill overlooking the city we stayed in. And the views, the views! They really brought a smile to my face. Like being in the middle of The Far Pavilions.
I had the same experience in Ethiopia, on my road trip. The views, the views! I love the sense of space, not knowing what is around the corner, the hope that the horizon offers. The hope of new things, unknown things, the promise of a future, of change. It's different that the views Holland has on offer. They are straight and flat, doesn't have the mystery that hills and mountains and valleys and the allure that wandering roads have on offer.
A good view is like hope for the future.

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