maandag 28 maart 2011


For some reason it's easier for me to write out of the depths of misery, than it is to write when things have returned to an even keel. I also think it's easier to write when I'm sky high. It's the ordinary and the mundane that are hard to put into words that interest me, much less interest someone else.
Life has more or less returned to ordinary here. The sense of loss has decreased. Hubby and I had a very good talk one evening and got ourselves and our marriage back on track. That sounds like it was easy, but it wasn't, and it sure isn't all the time. Marriage is hard work.
I'm finding it hard to motivate myself for the ordinary stuff. So i've made plans for fun stuff. Like visiting my brother, planning a day out with a friend, going away for a weekend, thinking about the summer holidays. And reevaluating the things that I've got going in my life. In theory, I could lose part of my job. So what else would I like to do? I've committed to doing some stuff for church, but is that what I want to do, or is that what I do because I know I can?

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