maandag 7 maart 2011

It's the little things

It's not the big stuff that gets to me. It's the little things. Like vacuuming with my hair hanging in my face. Or pants that are too tight, or too lose. Or an underwear riding up my butt. Or cleaning the deep fryer (though that may be a big thing).
I often find that I can handle the big stuff that life throws at me with equanimity. Like my husbands job loss, my sons illness, or a move, or a change of job, or anything that resembles a crisis. But the little stuff? That can just really piss me off royally. And make me so grouchy that it has a tendency to ruin my day.
Silly, isn't it? To let something so inconsequential, and often easily fixable, make my mood such a bad one.  How easy is it to tie up my hair when I'm vacuuming, or buy clothes and underwear that fit, or plan to clean the deep fryer when I'm not already tired and fed up?

I'm wondering what little things I can incorporate into my life to make me more pleasant to be around. And what things can I fix, without a huge amount of effort, to make it easier to stay in a good mood.

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